Brûler des billets de banque virtuels n’est pas interdit.

J’ai lu ceci sur le site de DAN ARIELY qui est un auteur de livres de management. Il est répondait à une question concernant une application qui permet d’acheter des billets virtuels en ligne pour les flamber en ligne.

Dear Dan,
A new Android app called Burn Money lets users pick an animated replica of a bill from $1 to $100, pay for it with real money, then flick an animated lighter and watch the bill burn to electronic ashes. Users later receive a certificate they can post on their social media pages. And that’s it.

What do you think?


Curious. Maybe people are using this app as a signaling device. Signaling is a way to communicate to ourselves and anyone watching who we are—and, often, who we want to be. For example, we can signal prosperity with the homes we buy, we can signal stylishness with the clothes we wear, and we can signal environmental concern with the hybrids we drive.

Similarly, letting people know you’ve been burning money (both virtual and real) could be an attempt to signal wealth—as if people are saying, both to themselves and to anyone watching, “Look at me: If I can burn money, doesn’t that show how wealthy and comfortable I am?”

Burn Money Sur Google Pay
Burn Money Sur Google Pay

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