Each x Other envahissent le concept store Fiat

Each x Other remixe Art, Mode et Design au Fiat Concept Store.

Jusqu’au 31 Mars, MotorVillage, le concept store de Paris du Groupe Fiat, présente une grande exposition d’art organisée par la marque Each x Other, mettant en vedette des 4 × 4 aux côtés d’œuvres d’art contemporain.

Each Other dont je parlais ici, grandit à grande  vitesse pour atteindre de plus en plus de pays en déclinant Mode et Art Contemporain avec intelligence et succès.

L’exposition permet aux visiteurs d’approcher les 4 × 4 comme un élément « lifestyle » à travers un voyage sensoriel autour de trois thèmes: art, mode et du design.

Et le 2 Mars, la marque défilera au palais de Tokyo… à suivre donc.


Each x Other, as Fashion and Art collaborative label, is the invited curator of this new exhibition untitled “4×4 eXperience”. This large installation displays creations by the artists and designers who have collaborated with Each x Other for the last seasons, in close dialog with presented 4×4 models, to create an amplified experience.

A wallpaper signed by the artist Maripol, an assembly of her famous Polaroïd portraits which capture the energy pop of the 1980s New-York scene. The piece is enhanced by a series of her latest limited edition of Polaroïd mounted on plexiglass for Each x Other.

Each x Other created a minimal installation of mirrors silkscreened with positive messages by canadian artist Blair Chivers, in which reflect the pure features of the Maserati.

Next to the exclusive JEEP RENEGADE X EACH x OTHER, Each x Other presents the light sculpture of the scottish artist Robert Montgomery, whose poem has inspired the name of the brand.

Each x Other has also taken the wheel of the Wrangler Mopar with a sculpture-installation by French artist Ann Grim, with a shark jaw suspended, encased in a mesh of leather straps.

Finally, the visitors can discover, next to the Fiat 500X, the Black Palm structure by British artist Douglas White, made of recycled burnt tyre, thus creating the impression of a mysterious uprooted exotic scenery.

On the first inferior level, the round features of the yellow Fiat Panda Cross are enhanced with sculptures of miniature utopia worlds made by the artist duo La Fratrie, inviting us to project into highly detailed fictional worlds.

On the second inferior level Galleria, Each x Other has installed in dialog with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, sculptures of the duo Jorge+Lucy Orta, studio Orta: a small size balloon, a tent, a meta-flag made of multiples flags, which invite us to explore the Earth as a territory common to all.
2 Rond-Point des Champs Elysées-Marcel Dassault,
75008 Paris
16 janvier – 31 mars 2015

via Art Exhibition Motorvillage, Fiat concept store | Each x Other Magazine.

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