Qui est Satoshi? Peu importe. 

Emin Gün Sirer est un professeur de la Cornell University. Ses spécialités de recherche comprennent les systèmes distribués et les systèmes d’exploitation. Il a beaucoup publié sur l’architecture de Bitcoin et a également proposé de nouvelles architectures pour la Blockchain.


I’m not going to claim that a virtual currency like Bitcoin is the ultimate solution, or even a contender for a credible solution at the moment. Bitcoin cannot scale to the globe, even with the recent planned improvements, and it has great difficulty on the security front. But there are some novel technical ideas in there that can enrich our global society; some discovered by Satoshi, others by people before him. Responsible media needs to drop the pointless Satoshi manhunt and focus on the technology and its implications. That’s where the real action is.


Emin Gün Sirer is an associate professor at Cornell University whose research interests include distributed systems, operating systems, and networking. He has published several research papers on the design and flaws of Bitcoin and helped architect an alternative design for it, Bitcoin-NG, aimed at making it able to serve many more users. This post was originally published on Sirer’s blog, Hacking Distributed.

Source: How to Spot Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto | MIT Technology Review

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