Blockchain et advertising

Great discussion with Jean-Luc Chetrit president of UDA ( Union des Annonceurs ) and Benjamin Grange ( President of Dentsu-Aegis Consulting) concerning the new paradigm in advertising.

Great sharing with Benjamin Eymere ( Jalou Group ) who is currently in the process of tokenize his business for the magazine L’Officiel.


I am really bullish when I see the number of new serious and bold projects in this space :

  • AdChain is an open protocol on Ethereum’s public blockchain. Its stated goal is to allow for building of decentralized applications, specifically for use in the digital advertising ecosystem.
  • Adex is a decentralized ad exchange that utilizes Ethereum to address problems like fraud, privacy, and consent in the digital advertising space.
  • Amino combines technologies from blockchain, payments, and adtech to bring transparency, integrity, and auditability to online advertising
  • Faktor is a blockchain-based identity management platform that can be utilized by publishers, advertisers, and individual users.
  • Cosmian is a blockchain-based identity mangement who is specialised on consent in various situation
  • Kochava is introducing the XCHNG platform, an open-source digital advertising framework based on blockchain technology enabling the industry to operate on common rails.
  • NYIAX, a guaranteed media contract exchange, bridges the space between the financial and digital advertising ecosystems utilizing blockchain in partnership with NASDAQ
  • Rebel AI secures digital advertising and protects publisher identity and brand spend using machine learning, blockchain, and encryption technologies
  • The Basic Attention Token (BAT) utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to create a token that can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on a purpose-built platform.

Thanks to IAB for this job of listing, I have added some…

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