The blockchain revolution

The Blockchain Revolution

Tomorrow, who will you trust? Algorithms or human institutions?


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The book

The Blockchain Revolution gives you the key elements to answer the question of trust created by algorithms.
For more than a decade, we have been experiencing many revolutions: economic, social, environmental and even our practices and uses. These revolutions are carried by new technologies that have the ambition to participate in the construction of a better world. The emergence of blockchain has aroused prophetic analyses and enthusiastic comments. This technical protocol inspires a reflection on a more balanced, fairer society and questions the fabric of trust.
This essay questions the transformations carried by the blockchain, explains the mechanics of operation and the next evolutions. A work of discovery as well as a wide panorama of the work accomplished, it is an easy way to explore this ecosystem.
Innovation is the key to the success of new entrepreneurial strategies and blockchain is a technology that is able to reshuffle the cards. It also questions the role of the institutions, the opponents, in fact, the algorithms

The author

Philippe Rodriguez
Philippe Rodriguez
Philippe Rodriguez is the co-founder and managing partner of Avolta Partners, one of the most active m&a banks in Europe for tech companies. Philippe is also very present in the Blockchain ecosystem as a speaker and president of Bitcoin France. In digital ecosystem he co-founded the EBG of which he has been the Treasurer since 1998.
Philippe is a graduate of ESCP and EISTI.
Philippe Rodriguez is also advisor of several ICO in Europe and Asia.
I wrote this book with the strong will to democratize the blockchain subject by using both a historical and economic approach. The idea is to put the technology back in context in order to better understand all the cases of use and thus to make a conviction on its general or particular utility.
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