ICO Charter has more signatories

I have been very active to promote a self regulation environment for ICOs and ITOs in Europe in order to have a better ecosystem trough a regular dialog with the regulator and legislative bodies.

Like we have said earlier, we strongly believe that we need a European ICO/ITO manifesto, to create best practices in this exciting new innovation enabling projects to federate resources in a regulator-free environment, ie in the existing legal frameworks, so entrepreneurs wont be intimated or stifled in developing innovation in Europe.

Ecosystem actors assisting projects and companies in the issuance of new tokens should take the lead in writing and educating ICO/ITO market, with a ‘Best Practices Charter.’

This manifesto or Charter seeks to establish and build consensus the best practices for the launch of ICO/ITO’s : Questions addressed are do we need a KYC ? What kind of KYC? What type of token? Token structuration and uses? Defining the purpose of the ICO? What kind of due diligence must be made before the ICO/ITO? What minimum structure of whitepaper and prospectus? What information is provided in these ICO supporting documents





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