5 Startup Tips for Founders and Investors

Apprendre, apprendre et encore apprendre.

The Gap Plan

1. Learn, learn, learn.

Before you embark on your startup journey, be as informed as possible. The more you know about your market, the better. Domain expertise isn’t necessary, but if you can be the most knowledgable about your product or idea specifically, you’re in good shape to start. For investors, if you can be knowledgable about the industries you are investing in, the better. There are a lot of VC’s out there who have no experience in software or biotech for example, but they are still out investing in those. Even just learning about these markets can help you help good founders. That should be the role of the investor. Invest capital, help founders.

2. Disrupt/Create

To be a great company, you must disrupt, create, or do both. Disruption means overturning a market and offering a product at least 10x better than what is currently available. A perfect example of…

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